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Wenling Hualian Gear Co.,Ltd Founded in 2006, is a professional production of various has many years of spiral bevel gear technology-oriented enterprises. To improve the accuracy of the products, the company special well-paid technology research and development personnel form into a high efficiency, high level and high professional technical research and development team. At present, the company has numerical control arc tooth gnashing machine, CNC sharpening machine, arc tooth inspection machine, grind teeth machine, automatic numerical control lathe, and first-class arc tooth professional production equipment, the total investment more than 2000 yuan, for the domestic and foreign relevant enterprise to provide matching cooperation. Main products are exported to the United States, Italy, Germany, India, Iran, and other countries, and for a number of well-known domestic enterprises to provide related services.
The company had already through ISO9001-2000 certification, in strict accordance with standard management standardized production, the product quality is stable, in time for the customers with excellent products, from domestic and international customer consistent high praise.
The company will be the science and technology as the forerunner, take the technology as leverage, and constantly improve the enterprise management, and modern standardization management standards, with the customer common development.

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